Save For using Elevator

A high-rise buildings usually require automatic staircase facilities which we call the elevator. It can provide comfort to move from the previous floor to the destination floor above or below. Good nursing care as well as an elevator mechanic who is experienced will be needed to maintain the safety of the user.

At the mall or office-rise office elevators usually use this very often, so the demand for elevator maintenance service is also very high. Given such devices, the energy required to move the floor just a little. For that will produce optimal job. Additionally premises using this elevator then we aka saving time a few minutes.

In addition there are safety tips when you are going and are currently using the lift that may be useful for security and your safety. Here’s Tips for Safe Use Elevator.

When approaching elevators, follow these guidelines:

1. Know your goals.
2. Press the call button once for the direction of the floor of the elevator where you will go.
3. Watch and listen to signals telling the arrival of elevators.
4. Shift to the side to give the people who came out of the elevator. Wait for the next elevator when the elevator is coming full.
5. Do not try to hold the door shut with anything, including hands, feet, sticks, etc. Wait for the next elevator.
6. Take the stairs if there is a fire or other situations that cause electrical interference (power outages).

When getting in and out of the elevators, follow these instructions:

1. Entry and exit carefully. The one closest to the door to be moved first.
2. Once in the elevator, immediately press the button for the floor you dest, and move gets back to give place to those who would enter the elevator later.
3. Hold children and pets and firmly.
4. Stay away from doors, keeping clothes and luggage away from the door.
5. Press and hold the OPEN DOOR button if doors need to be held open, or ask someone to press and hold the button of your untu.

When I was in the elevator, follow the instructions below:

1. Withdraw from the door.
2. Hold the holder (handrail), if available
3. Pay attention to the floor indicators and be prepared to get out on the floor that you are headed.
4. If the door does not open when the elevator stops, press the OPEN DOOR button. If the door is not open, press the ALARM and / or use the telephone or intercom. Wait until the officer can help you.

Protect yourself if the elevator stops between floors

1. Press the button or pull the ALARM to ask pertolomgam.
2. Phone for help, if a phone is available. Intercom or mobile phone, if available. Follow the instructions for use.
3. Do not open by force the elevator doors. Do not attempt to leave the elevator.
4. Be patient – help will come. You are safe and the air quite a lot. Back and wait for help.

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