Make over your home for spring by laying solid oak flooring

Spring has almost arrived, meaning that it’s time to re-vamp your home. Now the winter weather has gone it’s the perfect time to think about laying solid oak flooring for a fresh new look.

It’s that time again when the days are starting to get lighter, daffodils are poking their heads above ground and the first sign of blossom is starting to appear on the trees. Not only does this signal that it’s time to leave your big winter coat and heavy boots at home, it also means that it’s time to brighten up and lighten up your home too. You can change the whole look and feel of your home simply by introducing some new textures, colours and accessories.

Here are our top tips for making over your home in time for Spring!

1. Evaluate your home’s floors; tatty carpets and shaggy rugs might look homely and feel warm underfoot during the winter months but summer calls for a sleeker, more modern look. Solid oak floor or hardwood flooring can really help to streamline your home, making the space feel far more spacious and uncluttered. Lightly coloured oak flooring is a perfect choice for the summer months.

2. Take down any heavy drapes and curtains and replace them with light coloured curtains. Make sure that these are lined however if you want to keep the early morning sunshine out. Light wooden or bamboo blinds also make a contemporary alternative to curtains.

3. The bright summer sunshine will show up any stains on your walls, so thoroughly clean any stains. Any which won’t budge consider painting over with a sea blue, or a peachy tone. Add some cushions in a complimentary tone to bring out the colour of your freshly painted wall. Dark furniture can also look dingy in the summer months; you can strip the colour using some sandpaper to lighten the colour, or you could paint it a lighter colour all together.

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About us: Easy Step Flooring is a privately owned company based in Heathrow specialising in solid oak wood flooring. Due to our vast national and international logistics network, we consider our huge range of wooden flooring range to be second to none. We supply flooring to the trade and retail business. We strive to work with reputable mills from around the world to ensure that our products come from sustainable sources.

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